Date / Hours

  • March 28 - 30, 2019
  • Thursday 10 AM - 5:15 PM
  • Friday 10AM - 5:15 PM
  • Saturday 9 AM - 4 PM


  • Seminars take place in B-104 in the South Wing Lobby

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MATS Seminars

The Mid-America Trucking Show is proud to provide its Attendees with informative, constructive, and trucking-oriented seminars; information that goes well beyond "good to know" and enters into a "must-know" situation. These seminars will provide invaluable information for companies, fleets, and trucking professionals. All seminars take place in South Wing Conference Room B-104. All seminars are free-of-charge and do not require advanced registration.

Seminar Schedule

Seminars take place in B-104 in the South Wing Lobby
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Thursday, March 28VIP Hours 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM | Show Hours 1:00 PM - 6:00 PM

  • 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM Owner-Operators: How to Negotiate the Most Profitable Freight
    • dehazeDescription
      Are you moving the right loads for YOU? Learn how data can help you negotiate the best rate and find the most profitable freight for your business.
    Brent Hutto,
    Tyler Johnston, Mercer
  • 11:15 AM - 12:15 PM Top 5 Trends Driving the Trucking Industry
    • dehazeDescription
      • Bibby Financial Services (BFS), a leading independent financial services partner to the transportation industry, will present its research from its survey among 250 owner-operators with fleets of 1-4 trucks and fleet owners with 5 or more trucks. The research focuses on the triumphs and struggles of running a transportation business through examining key areas of interest including:
      • Driver retention, hiring and training - measuring trends for fleets of 5-30 trucks. This survey will dig into the motivators and goals of fleet owners to overcome barriers such as the driver recruitment and retention.
      • Common issues and challenges small fleets face with lack of scalability: Many small fleet owners go into business dreaming of growing their fleet, but less than 10% make it past the 5th truck. BFS’ Transportation Insights Survey will look at the threats and challenges facing fleets of 1-4 trucks, the factors that hamper growth and will analyze how they deal with and account for unexpected costs to improve the financial health of their business.
      • Choosing contracts and understanding the real costs per load: For transportation companies, it is important to understand the real costs per mile which vary vs. the cost per ton, along with penalties and fines that impact profitability. The survey will examine how contract issues impact transportation businesses and uncover the biggest unexpected costs and threats.
      • Technology driving the future: The survey will uncover the technologies (AI, apps, mobile dispatching) that help companies go paperless, better manage fleets and more.
      • BFS recognizes the ambitions of small owner/operators and seeks to provide this information to MATS attendees to help them grow and establish their businesses. Come to our seminar to learn more about these topics and the general health and expectations of other transportation business owners.
    Bibby Financial Services
  • 12:30 PM -   1:30 PM The Battle For Profit: Helping You Navigate The Biggest Obstacles to Success in Today's Market
    • dehazeDescription
      • The trucking market persevered through the mother of all capacity crunches in 2018. What does the new year have in store? What issues are resonating with you today? Prasad Gollapalli, founder and CEO of Trucker Tools, tackles that topic with a discussion around core issues that will impact your success in 2019. Those include:
      • The ugly truth about detention - it’s all about respect, your earnings and unlocking more capacity
      • The truck parking dilemma - how lack of sufficient, safe truck parking capacity impacts your quality of life and service hours
      • Maintaining a sustainable business - As an owner-operator, the backbone of trucking,you’re challenged daily to manage and grow a sustainable business. How do you select the best broker-partners, get better reloads, avoid “one-load” wonders, and keep your trucks rolling and making money
      • Solving the technology dilemma – how do you avoid “app overload,” and choose the right mobile technologies to run your business efficiently, and deliver real-time, trusted intelligence on available loads in the lanes you want.
      • These and other topics will be the subject of an interactive presentation which also will include audience participation.
    Trucker Tools
  • 1:45 PM -   2:45 PM Turning Data Into Insights: Using ELDs and Video to Increase Efficiency and Safety
    • dehazeDescription
      KeepTruckin’s product rockstars Rahul Chhabria and Will Van Eaton will speak about how to use data and technology to improve your business. Our Smart Dashcam and telematics data can help support a successful safety program through effective driver coaching. Video and telematics data can help you make accurate, data-driven decisions, provide cost-saving insights, and increase your productivity.
  • 3:00 PM -   4:00 PM FMCSA Session: Legislatively Mandated Actions Update
    • dehazeDescription
      Legislatively Mandated Actions Update
      What drivers and carriers should expect from Entry Level Driver Training, Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse, National Registry, and more.
    Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration
  • 4:15 PM -   5:15 PM Benefits of ELD and Factoring Services for Your Trucking Company
    • dehazeDescription
      Whether you’re an owner operator or managing a fleet equipping your business with the right tools is paramount to success. This seminar will highlight how data from ELDs can be leveraged by third-party factoring companies to provide working capital solutions to maintain positive cash flow in order to grow a business. KeepTruckin and OTR Capital will show how data is providing both insights on the road and in the back-office, which in turn helps carriers take advantage of more opportunities and can lead to sustained growth potential.
    OTR Capital & KeepTruckin

Friday, March 29Show Hours 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM

  • 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM Inside the Mind of a Shipper: What shippers are doing to help trucking companies
    • dehazeDescription
      • Join Dan Lewis, CEO of Convoy, for a moderated discussion with a panel of shippers to learn firsthand how they think about their partnership with carriers. From reliability and responsiveness to the ability to troubleshoot during a job; discover how to approach building a partnership that works for both sides.
      • Attendees will leave this session with firsthand knowledge of how shippers view the current landscape, how they approach carrier selection, and how they desire to build stronger shipper-carrier relationships meaning it is not always just about rates.
    Dan Lewis
    CEO, Convoy
  • 11:15 AM - 12:15 PM FMCSA Session: Assisted Technologies for Drivers
    • dehazeDescription
      Assisted Technologies for Drivers
      How new technologies can improve safety and make drivers’ lives easier.
    Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration
  • 12:30 PM -   1:30 PM How to Increase Profitability in a Heavy Duty Repair Shop Fullbay
  • 1:45 PM -   2:45 PM How Untreated Driver Health Conditions Cost Drivers and the Industry Billions of Dollars Each Year
    • dehazeDescription
      • Did you know that 48% of the drivers on the road today have a pre-existing condition like hypertension, diabetes or obesity that limits their DOT certification to 1 year or less?
      • Did you know that drivers suffer from diabetes at a rate of almost 50% higher than the rest of the US population?
      • Did you know that drivers leaving the workforce due to health issues contribute to high driver turnover?
      • Did you know that drivers with 3 or more medical conditions have a significantly increased rate of preventable DOT reportable crashes and preventable crashes with injuries?
      • Drivers with untreated health conditions have a profound financial impact on the industry:
      • Increased recruitment and retention costs
      • Decreased driver productivity
      • Increased insurance costs
      • Not only is there a shortage of new drivers coming into the workforce, but more experienced drivers are leaving the workforce as their medical conditions are left untreated, due to high insurance deductibles, the lack of affordable healthcare options and the lack of convenient medical clinics on the road.
      • This seminar explores the high cost of drivers with untreated health conditions and solutions that aim to address this critical industry issue.
  • 3:00 PM -   4:00 PM Owner-Operators: Pathway to Independence-Step by Step to Becoming Independent
    • dehazeDescription
      Join and Let’s Truck’s very own Kevin Rutherford as they discuss critical steps to setting up your trucking business, getting your own authority and the importance of continuing education.
    Kevin Rutherford, Brent Hutto, Jenna Moore
  • 4:15 PM -   5:15 PM 3 Easy Ways to Pull Ahead of Your Competition
    • dehazeDescription
      • Ever wonder what other fleets are doing to be successful? What’s the secret to their competitive edge? We talked to some our safest and most productive customers to see what they’re doing differently.
      • Join this session to hear how trucking leaders have driven measurable impact through new, easy-to-deploy programs, and how you can use those same strategies for your fleet operation.

      • You’ll learn about the new programs that:
      • Saved a food distributor $4 million in insurance payouts by exonerating their drivers from false claims
      • Grew a food distributor’s fleet by 16x while decreasing fuel costs by 10%
      • Helped a beer company expand their distribution through decreased vehicle downtime and live delivery ETA visibility for their customers

      • About Samsara
        Samsara is the leading sensor platform for connected operations. Over 7,000 organizations worldwide, from emerging businesses to Fortune 500 enterprises, trust Samsara’s connected sensors and software to improve the safety, efficiency, and quality of their fleet operations.

Saturday, March 30Show Hours 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM

  • 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM Owner-Operators: Using Technology to Grow and Manage Your Business
    • dehazeDescription
      Embrace technology and reap the rewards! Join this session to learn about cost and time saving solutions to grow and manage your business.
    Jenna Moore
  • 11:15 AM - 12:15 PM How To Start a Trucking Company
    • dehazeDescription
      Presented by Reghan Grasty, Apex Capital Corp Associate General Counsel: This seminar will help you understand the government’s requirements to obtain motor carrier operating authority, the steps necessary to ensure your trucking company stays compliant through the New Entrant period, and what you can do to ensure your new trucking company is successful.
    Apex Capital Corp
  • 12:30 PM -   1:30 PM Alex Deborgowski - Life on the Ice road Lanefinder Driver Recruiting
  • 1:45 PM -   2:45 PM FMCSA Session: Electronic Logging Devices Update
    • dehazeDescription
      Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs) Update
      The latest updates on electronic logging devices and ELD best practices.
    Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration
  • 3:00 PM -   4:00 PM Commercial Motor Vehicle Inspections Kentucky State Police (KSP)