Linda & Bob Caffee

  • Company Name
    Transport llc
  • MATS Attendance
    Has been to MATS 15 times
  • Years in the Industry

How did you get started in the Trucking Industry?

Bob was a diesel mechanic for a small fleet and both of us were fill-in drivers. In 1998 Bob attended the MATS PKY truck beauty contest with a friend and his truck and met a lot of interesting teams. He came home with a new plan for our lives. Once our youngest daughter left for college Bob attended a truck driving school and he became a driver with me as a rider. I started as a team driver in 2004 and we became owner-operators as expediters..

What about MATS is most valuable to you?

MATS is our opportunity to learn about new products, meet industry vendors face to face, and to network with other professionals.

What advice do you have for other trucking professionals?

Go to a truck show to meet people and see what opportunities are out there. At a truck show, you can learn about everything in the industry, attend workshops, get in and out of trucks, talk to recruiters and best of all talk to drivers who are already doing what you are considering doing.

What are the reasons you would recommend MATS?

It can change your life! In 2009 we met a representative from Daimler who then introduced us to Henry Albert, Slice of Life driver and through that connection, we later were able to join the program now known as Freightliner Team Run Smart. In 2005 we met other team drivers who talked to us about their specialty of hazmat and the more we learned the more we realized that is what we wanted to do and we are still in that area of Hazmat. That is just a few of the MANY things that have happened to us by attending MATS.