Robert Fernald

  • Company Name
    Messer Gasses
  • MATS Attendance
    Has been to MATS 10 times
  • Years in the Industry

How did you get started in the Trucking Industry?

Trucking is a family tradition and a major influence on my decision to become a truck driver. My grandfather, father, and brother have all been role models throughout my 26 year career as a truck driver.

What career accomplishments are you most proud of?

I am very proud to have been chosen by TA Petro as a Citizen Driver. I am proud of my six state truck driving championships I have won. I have received awards for millions of safe miles driven as well as other company awards. And I am very proud of my association with the Maine Professional Drivers Association and all they do for professional drivers. I also take great pride in my involvement with OOIDA, Truckers Against Trafficking.

What about MATS is most valuable to you?

Demos and networking are by far the two best reasons for me to attend MATS. I operate in a very difficult area of the US. I am always interested in the mapping, GPS, and software at MATS. Each year something improves my ability to safely navigate one of America’s toughest driving areas and I find it at MATS.

What advice do you have for other trucking professionals?

Open your eyes and ears but close your mouth. See everything around you. Listen to all of the advice you are given, you can sort it out later. You can’t listen if your doing all of the talking but don’t be afraid to ask questions.

What are the reasons you would recommend MATS?

I get so much information to pass along that sometimes my coworkers heads spin. The people I have formed lifelong connections with is astounding, not only friendships but something more.