Randy Mattingly

  • Company Name
    Double R Trucking
  • MATS Attendance
    Has been to MATS more than 20 times
  • Years in the Industry

How did you get started in the Trucking Industry?

My dad was an owner-operator and I’ve been trucking since I was a kid. I started off riding with him in the summers and working on his truck with him and then for him. Over the years, I learned a lot from my dad and other owner-operators and worked on their trucks doing general maintenance and services. Dad wanted me to get into a different occupation, so I went to college and got an associate's degree in business. I worked in several management roles, but always came back to trucking. Now after years of leasing to other companies, I started my own company and here we are today, living the dream. We haul a lot of beverage products and consumables in KY, IN, and OH. I try to stay within 400 miles of Louisville. We primarily haul dedicated freight out and dedicated freight back.

What about MATS is most valuable to you?

MATS helps me see what works for people and what doesn't. You see the upcoming technologies and get to talk with industry professionals about their concerns and problems. You get to talk to a lot of different companies and evaluate their products in one trip. Also, you meet a lot of other fleet owners and drivers and get to discuss the industry and changes. The face to face demos and networking benefit us the most. There's always someone with a different approach and so we bounce ideas or issues off others at MATS. It’s also great for research. Any way you can make your business more productive and efficient helps the bottom line.

What advice do you have for other trucking professionals?

Find a niche that works for you and concentrate on setting yourself apart from other carriers by providing unprecedented service and communication. Always treat your drivers with respect and listen to what they have to say. They’re the ones that interact directly with your customers, so a lot of times they’re the ones that have the best insight and suggestions.

Any advice you can offer regarding MATS?

Walk the entire show, you don’t want to miss anything. We normally stay for all 3 days. The first day, I survey the show and write down the companies I want to revisit. I follow-up with them on the second day. The third day is a bit more relax and enjoy the show.

What are the reasons you would recommend MATS?

Meeting others and learning what's coming in the industry. We do all our own maintenance, so MATS is great for finding new tools - lots of companies with products that can make your job easier.

What accomplishment(s) are you most proud of in your career in trucking?

Finally starting my own company and growing from 2 trucks to 9 in 4 years is my greatest accomplishment. Always having an open mind when it comes to business and listening to others’ input and values has done wonders for our business.