Scott Reed

  • Company Name
    Truck Smart Solutions LLC
  • MATS Attendance
    Has been to MATS at least 20 times.
  • Years in the Industry
    16 years

How did you get started in the Trucking Industry?

Family, and Farming. I’ve had a passion for trucking since I was a small boy. Got out of high school and pretty much went right into driving. Started over the road at 18 on a harvest crew and general freight at 21.

What about MATS is most valuable to you?

As a trucker, I always tried to make my truck perform better for power, torque, and fuel mileage. I also wanted to keep my maintenance up to par and find out how to keep my maintenance costs down. I always looked for new products that would help me be a better trucker. At MATS, the one on one interaction between people and product helps make a more informed decision to accomplish all this and in person is better than just seeing it on-line or in a catalog. Questions that one might have can easily be answered at MATS, because they have the best of the industry. The seminars are a great way to get the most up to date business info and what’s going on in the industry.

No matter what anyone may tell you, Face to Face Conversation is the best way of networking and marketing. MATS helps facilitate both, and with very like-minded people. Human interaction makes a lasting impression. MATS presents an amazing opportunity to network and brand your company while sharing your knowledge with the rest of the industry.

What advice do you have for other trucking professionals?

Listen to those with experience. Chances are that wisdom and experience has moved them up the industry food chain. I have been on all different sides of the industry. From Driver to Owner to Office to Sales to Government Affairs to Brokerage. Every step of the way, I learned so much more and gained a new respect for those that pass on their knowledge. Regardless of the situation I am always learning.

Don't get comfortable. This industry changes so much. What is great today may not be great tomorrow. Be Diversified, flat bed might fall on its face while dry van excels or reefer falls and flat bed jumps. The more you know about your industry the better your chances are to succeed.

What are the reasons you would recommend MATS?

IMHO this is the greatest Trucking Show on Earth. It is the greatest Trucking experience of the year in my book. It is like a big reunion every year. It has events, booths,... there is so much to do there. It is an experience that can leave you with a lasting impression of the good that is in our industry. New friendships, new experiences, a better knowledge and better understanding of what's going on with the industry. There is literally something for everyone. And all around like minded people. Since it’s in Louisville, most people turn it into a vacation and take on the sites and sounds and food that Louisville has to offer. There is so much to offer from this show if you don't get something out of it and thoroughly enjoy it, you have no one to blame but yourself.

What accomplishment(s) are you most proud of in your career in trucking?

I have driven all over this country except for Hawaii. I have seen things that others can only wish they’ve seen and experienced things that most can only dream of. I have improved people’s lives through my business. I have made friends all across this country. I have stood before members of Congress and had meetings with FMCSA. All in all, I’m proud to say that my efforts have helped raise awareness to the problems in the industry and encouraged drivers to be active and take a stand.

Numerous State Citations, Citations from many other Organizations, TA/ Petro Citizen Driver of the Year nomination.