Bob & Linda Caffee

A long, long time ago, one of the trucks Bob worked on was entered into the MATS truck show in Louisville, and the owner asked Bob to go along and help. After meeting many of the teams showing their trucks we decided to consider over the road trucking as soon as our youngest daughter left for college.

Years later attending the Louisville truck show, I met Ellen Voie, who was just starting the Women in Trucking organization.  I became one of the first members and went on in time to being elected to the Board of Directors.

Then a few years later while attending MATS, we meant Miguel who introduced us to what was then called Freightliner “Slice of Trucker Life”.  This led to us applying to become a Freightliner “Pro” when the program was reorganized.  Our application was accepted in 2014, and we became one of the Freightliner Team Run Smart Pros. Now we get to attend truck shows with Freightliner, give feedback to engineers, and are much more involved in working with other drivers.

Attending truck shows has helped our core business and made us more knowledgeable about trucking.