Shannon Mann and Kevin Young

OTR hauler Young and Mann stood under an archway with white lights and professed their love, as Meredith Ochs and Chris T. of the Freewheelin’ show on Sirius XM Road Dog Trucking Radio officiated. Their wedding was aired live, and the couple said their vows into the Sirius XM microphones.

Ochs talked about the hard road truckers have maintaining their marriages and lauded Young and Mann for coming down the aisle.

The couple calls themselves the “Cornholios”, and several people in the audience had toilet paper to throw after the ceremony was over. At one point, Young was wearing toilet paper around his neck.

The open wedding drew several show attendees as women stopped their husbands to say, “Aww. Look! It’s a wedding!”

After the ceremony was over, toilet paper went into the air. The couple posed for some photographs and the attendees got some white and purple cupcakes.