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"There are so many examples of business opportunities and resolutions that all happen here at the Mid-America Truck Show that you wouldn’t find anywhere else "

The Mid-America Trucking Show connects Detroit Reman with end customers so they can address challenges and provide solutions. The face-to-face time with attendees allows Detroit Reman the opportunity to maintain the integrity of their brand by providing their end customers a positive brand experience.

At MATS Exhibitors can engage existing customers to maintain their relationship with the brand.

“So many customers, they might run into dead ends or roadblocks through their normal means, with our normal channels. They come to MATS, they look for us, they find us, and they feel like they have a connection and a response that maybe they couldn't get at the local level. Coming to MATS gives us an opportunity to work one-on-one with those customers that have had an issue or a challenge and it allows us to be present, it allows us to be there to help correct that challenge and hopefully put them on a more positive path with our company moving forward.”

MATS helps exhibitors build brand awareness and reach new customers.

“We love to be able to come to MATS to showcase our brand new Detroit Reman trailer, to showcase brand new components, to showcase product launches, and just allow our customers to see it, to touch it, to feel it, and to experience it - we get all of that here at MATS.”

MATS diverse attendee/exhibitor base allows exhibitors to reach more segments of the industry more efficiently.

“Mid-America Trucking Show allows us to interact with the owner-operator, interact with key suppliers, interact with other OEs. MATS gives us a chance to get to the end customer, to get to those folks that we don't always have a chance to work with on a day-to-day basis.”

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Detroit Reman / Alliance Truck Parts


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