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“MATS helps bring people together that you don’t get to see as much as you’d like to. Its unique timeframe in spring is typically our first opportunity to re-connect with customers early in the year.”

The Mid-America Trucking Show’s timing in March establishes it as the first event on the trucking industry calendar. In doing so, MATS is considered to be the trucking industry’s official “Kick Off” event, setting the pace for your company’s sales the rest of the year.

For 50 years, all eyes have turned to MATS to see the “latest and greatest” products being introduced in the industry, making it an exceptional venue to launch new products…

“MATS has been the most planned for event in our company, year over year, for at least 20 years. Our new product development and marketing efforts center around project deadlines that allow us to launch at MATS each year in March. We promote our brand through most of the offered channels…advertising, sponsorship, etc., so with our 50th anniversary coming in 2022, we are planning some big things!”

The Mid-America Trucking Show is the best event to achieve all your sales and marketing objectives…

“With Dynaflex’s position as the market leader in chrome plated complete exhaust systems and Mid America’s place as the best trade show option for our core product line, “The Original Monster Stacks”, we look at the event as an opportunity to showcase our products, increase brand awareness, build and maintain relationships with our customers, while getting feedback for future product development.”

There is no better way to connect and engage with your customers, than the in-person, face-to-face environment found at the Mid-America Trucking Show…

“We exist to help solve problems and place great products into areas where our customers have a need for them. Getting to communicate in person, for as long as needed with each individual customer helps our brand learn where to head next, and ensure that we’re on the right path to address our customers’ needs, now and into the future”

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