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“The return is higher because of the targeted audience that we see here. We know that if a guy is walking through our booth he’s in the trucking industry.”

The Mid-America Trucking Show provides FASS an environment of industry professionals that are quick to engage and ready to be educated about new products. The results for FASS are feedback on existing products and high quality leads long after the show is over.

MATS provides exhibitors a targeted, qualified professional attendee base.

“The audience is so targeted. They want to be educated, so they'll come in and they’ll ask questions and we'll spend a half hour with a guy teaching them, educating them. We don't get that in a lot of the other shows, so this is a place that you can educate your customer, you can engage with them, and you know they're going to be targeted to your specific product or service.”

Exhibitors win new customers at MATS with face-to-face interaction.

"They're able to come by the booth, they're able to put their hands on the product, see how it works, ask the questions that they've been dying to ask and really get a sense of if this is going to help them."

Exhibiting at MATS starts conversations that will lead to new customers.

“We see on social media a lot of follow up. Hey, I was at the Mid-America Trucking Show, I asked you guys this. It starts the conversation and then we're able to continue that conversation after the show. We see a lot of that and that's a huge benefit for us.”

MATS is strategically located to draw a national audience.

"We're right in the heartland. Louisville, Kentucky is right in the middle of our perfect customer base. We have people come down from Minnesota just to see us at the trucking show."

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