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“We come to MATS because it is exactly the show we need to reach our customers, our users, even our partners.”

The Mid-America Trucking Show helps Find Truck Service build relationships that matter. Whether B to B or B to C, MATS is often the initial seed to a long term business relationship that extends well beyond the 3 day event.

MATS is the ideal platform for exhibitors to conduct product testing and market research.

"The challenge every company has is really reaching your core users, your core customers and getting the feedback and MATS provides that opportunity - there's so many people that come here, so many owner-operators, fleets. You really can engage with them, you can talk to them, you can find out what issues they're having with your product or service, what can be improved. Those are some of the most valuable things that you can't get anywhere else."

Exhibiting at MATS will facilitate relationships that grow your business.

“We've built many of our partnerships right here at MATS, some of the biggest companies initially we work with and partner with now, we've built those relationships from MATS and being able to approach and talk to them and expand on our industry reach is due to MATS because everybody's here.”

The ROI at MATS is high due to the efficiency of accomplishing so much at one event.

"The investment that we put into MATS is always bigger than anywhere else, but if I had to compare to so many other things that we invest money marketing-wise, it's honestly a very small investment for how much you're able to achieve and reach at the show."

MATS is an ideal event to launch new products and get immediate feedback.

“We wait for months sometimes to release new products at MATS. We waited for about three months to launch our national credit card financing for Owner-Operators at MATS because of the feedback that were able to get here, and it's been overwhelming. It’s amazing to hear some of the feedback after we launched just this morning... This is really where we kick start our own year.”

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