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"Our ROI is massive lots and lots of face time with customers feedback and then opportunity to work with them"

The Mid-America Trucking Show connects keep truckin with the hard-to-reach industry segments they want to engage. The result for Keep Truckin is the opportunity to conduct market research to inform the development of future products, and generate leads.

MATS attendance base is the largest in the industry.

"We’re getting lots and lots of foot traffic and the results speak for themselves. We get lots of opportunities to talk to customers in person and in turn it turns into opportunities to work with them in the future. If you're trying to talk to this type of customer - the drivers, the owner operators, the fleet managers, the safety managers - you have to be here, this is the place to be."

Face-to-face time with MATS attendees leads to immediate results for exhibitors.

"The results here are really tangible. It's a direct interaction with a customer, face to face - you can't beat that. It's tough to put a price on that. It's different than going out to social media, doing email blasts, or trying to market to someone online. There's that personal touch which I think is super important in the trucking industry and we get that here so our return on investment is massive - lots and lots of face time with customers, lots of feedback, and in turn, opportunity to work with them."

MATS offers exhibitors opportunities to conduct market research.

"One of the challenges we have is trying to better understand what our customers want. How do we refine our solution and iterate on our solution to make it the best possible solution for those folks and coming to events like this and hearing it directly from these people is really, really valuable."

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