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"Exhibiting at MATS is an important part of Landoll’s go to market efforts. A show of this size and caliber always puts buyers in our booth.”

As a leading trailer manufacturer, Landoll Corporation utilizes the Mid-America Trucking Show to introduce products to the market, all while connecting face-to-face with customers and buyers.

MATS provides a forum for buyers to compare products side-by-side, enabling manufacturer / supplier collaboration to meet customer needs and close sales…

“Landoll exhibits our trailers with many new options and features. We see customers come back to our booth several times to compare what they have seen in the show. We have had customers say “I want this option on my trailer order”. Then together with the customer, we have gone to the component supplier at the show to collaborate with them to satisfy the customer’s needs and wants. Customers see the wholegoods manufacturers as well as the component suppliers.”

MATS helps you connect with new and current customers, providing an environment to nurture those relationships…

“Landoll uses MATS to build relationships with customers, fleets and prospective buyers. We manufacture high-end, high quality trailers. It is important for customers to see why Landoll products are different and how they operate. By exhibiting at MATS, they see it first-hand. They see the product, features and how the trailers operate. They see the quality, they see the finish. Our primary goal at MATS is truly to be in front of our customers, many of which come to the show just to see us."

MATS is an efficient way to conduct research and meet with industry partners / suppliers…

“Landoll has always used MATS as a supplier show. Purchasing and Engineering staff members travel to the show and continue research for new components. Many of our OE suppliers also exhibit at MATS.”

Bringing your products to market at MATS puts you face-to-face with buyers…

“Exhibiting at MATS is an important part of Landoll’s go to market efforts. A show of this size and caliber always puts buyers in our booth. We want the opportunity to show the attendees our product live and in front of them. This is what’s most valuable to us as a leading trailer manufacturer.”

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