Pilot/Flying J

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    Maintenance and Repair Products / Services
  • Objectives
    Showcase new products, Customer relations, Product testing
  • MATS Solutions

"MATS is a great way to meet thousands and thousands of drivers, hear what is new and trending in the industry, and to see what other companies are doing that’s new and exciting."

The Mid-America Trucking Show provides Pilot Flying J with face-to-face engagement with their core customers. The direct connection with current and new customers enables Pilot Flying J to get immediate feedback, inform product development, and so much more at one event.

MATS Exhibitors can engage core customers about product developments and develop relationships.

"One of the great things about exhibiting here at MATS, is being able to connect with our customers and our guests one-on-one, get that face-to-face interaction, be able to show them some of our exciting new products and services, like our new mobile app, and then really hear that live, real-time feedback from them is really valuable to us. it's a great way for us to connect one-on-one and establish a relationship."

MATS targeted face-to-face results in a worthwhile investment.

"The investment that is required for MATS is worth it a hundred percent for us. We really feel like one on one engagement with the driver is invaluable. Having a person tell us face to face solutions that could help them do their jobs easier on the road, just ways that we can continue to improve as a brand and as a Travel Center - it's invaluable. So we find the investment really worth it year after year."

MATS diverse attendee/exhibitor offers perspective on industry trends

"We love coming here. I think the numerous types of exhibitors draw in lots of different interests. I feel like the show covers everything from parts and services and travel centers all the way to manufacturers of new products. I would say it's very robust and so for us it's great to be here, be a part of that mix, and continue to learn as a Travel Center. "

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