Pittsburgh Power, Inc.

  • Exhibitor Category
    Aftermarket Parts, Maintenance & Repair Products and Services
  • Objectives
    Showcase & launch new products, Connect with Customers, Build Relationships, Network with industry partners
  • MATS Solutions

“At MATS we meet with new and old customers, tell them what we’re working on, what new products we have, listen to their feedback about our current products and ideas for possible new products. We also network with our vendors and partners to discuss future plans with them. MATS is a very productive week for us. There is no other place, when we have so many of our corporate peers in one place.”

The Mid-America Trucking Show enabled Pittsburgh Power to efficiently accomplish multiple business goals, at one location, in a very short time frame.

Exhibiting at MATS will help your company establish and develop its brand, and validate your standing within the trucking industry…

“We’ve been coming to MATS for 30 years. It would be hard to walk around the exhibit space and not feel good about being in the trucking industry. It gives us pride in what we do and allows us to see we’re a part of something much larger. Over the years MATS has allowed us to develop our brand into what it is today. We’ve managed to find our niche in this industry thanks to the connections we’ve made at MATS.”

MATS is a great way to stay connected to the entire trucking industry, to build relationships with customers, vendors, partners, and network with the people behind the most innovative products of today and tomorrow…

“As the industry gets larger it often becomes more disconnected. When we started our business, part of the reason for our success was because of our close relationship with Cummins engineers. We’ve met some extremely intelligent and talented individuals who helped us create products and truly understand diesel engines. At MATS, unlike many other shows, you get to meet the actual engineers instead of just salespeople. So, it allows us to continue building relationships with the engineers who are responsible for this industry.”

MATS is the ideal venue to launch new products, educate and engage the industry, and obtain valuable feedback directly from your customers…

“Our Max Mileage Fuel Borne Catalyst has been an incredibly successful product for us and it was originally launched at MATS in 2019. Just the year prior at MATS we had met Jane Gates, the chemist who invented the catalyst. She showed us the product and asked if she could use our facility for testing. We agreed and shortly after Jane met us at our shop. After months of testing using our dynamometer and real world tests we were seeing consistent results with different trucks and engines. We then decided to sell the product and launch it at MATS. There is no better place to launch a product because it allowed us to meet with customers, educate them on the product, and gauge their response. It’s a product that involves a little more explanation and MATS is the perfect place to do so.”

There is no substitute for doing business face-to-face. At MATS, you will develop relationships that matter and achieve a better understanding of your customer, while building brand loyalty…

“If we were to sum up the experience in one word, it would be reunion. We have so many customers and business partners from decades ago, that we look forward to seeing again every year. It’s truly like a reunion of old friends for us. We also appreciate the many new acquaintances. At MATS we often meet fans of the Pittsburgh Power Hour radio show with Kevin Rutherford. The fans enjoy meeting the faces behind the voices they hear every week. We pride ourselves in our communication with customers, and try to develop a rapport with all them. MATS provides us another opportunity to build relationships with customers and provide them a chance to meet us in person. We have customers all over the U.S. and Canada and for many, MATS is the only opportunity we have to meet with them.”

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