"MATS helps us to get exposure and the kind of exposure you can't get any other place. It would take you five years to get in front of this many people at one time."

The Mid-America Trucking Show provides Trailstar a platform to showcase new products and efficiently reach a massive qualified audience. In addition Trailstar is able to engage customers about product changes, and generate leads for new sales.

MATS is the ideal location to launch new products and efficiently reach the greatest number of people

"MATS helps us with getting the new product lines out. If we have an entire new product line out, we can show people down here a lot better than if we take it to individual places. We really like the fact that you get the three days of exposure, so you get a different group of people every day."

MATS large attendee base provides exhibitors the exposure they need to increase sales

"It's very difficult to see this many people in this period of time and when you can get in front of this many at this spot here in Louisville, we're able to show our new product lines, things that we'd like to do, things that we're going to do, get some information from the customers, and find out things that we could potentially do in the future."

Exhibiting at MATS starts conversations that will lead to new customers

"You'll talk to somebody maybe a year, two years, six months after you were at MATS and you'll pull up their business card, their information and say I talked to you the truck show, you know I'd like to look at that piece of equipment again."

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