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“Next year we will celebrate our 25th Anniversary at MATS. We have met so many new friends at the show. Both customers and other exhibitors, and it’s always nice to reconnect with them each year.”

The Mid-America Trucking Show is an opportunity for W.T.I. Truck Accessories to attract new business, while reconnecting with current customers and partners, nurturing those relationships in a real-time, face-to-face environment.

Exhibiting at MATS can be a critical first step in establishing your brand and growing your business…

“W.T.I. (Watt Trucking, Inc) began building fiberglass fenders for our own trucks in the late 1980’s. We had friends and colleagues asking to purchase our fenders just from seeing them on our trucks going down the road. We realized the need for the product, not just to make the truck look classy, but to protect the owner-operator’s investment. In 1997, we decided to redesign our fender and bring it to market. We first introduced our product at the 1997 MATS. I still remember our first customer from that show. We’ve had a very good response from the show since we started exhibiting. MATS has helped us get our product in front of our customers and grow our business.”

MATS is an efficient, cost effective way to showcase your company’s offerings to a massive audience of trucking professionals in one location, in only three days…

“We chose MATS to introduce our fenders because it’s the largest truck show in the US. We can get our product in front of so many potential customers. We are a small family-owned business in a small Indiana town with limited resources, so it’s difficult to get our product in front of customers. MATS has helped us do that.”

MATS puts you in front of your target audience, helping you to build valuable personal relationships with your customers…

“We feel it necessary to show our products at MATS so potential customers can see the quality of our product as compared to competitors. MATS give us the opportunity to personally meet our customers. It’s always good to put a name to a face.”

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