MATS Event Request

Event Request

To request an event at the upcoming MATS, please submit the form below, providing as much detail as possible. The form can be used to request time/meeting rooms on the Press Event Schedule, a seminar on the Seminar Schedule, a public or private event on the Event Schedule, etc. Please ensure accuracy of all information before submitting the form as the information provided may be used for publication. .

If you are requesting a meeting room during MATS, we will follow-up your form submission with details on meeting room sizes, rental costs, etc. and begin discussions on room availability and timing. If you have any questions, please contact Toby Young at 502.899.3892.

This information will be submitted to Show Management via this form; a copy will also be sent to the email address entered above. If you have questions, please contact Toby Young at 502.899.3892
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